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Bismillah hir Rahmaan nir Raheem

About sufism


The reality of Sufism

The Qur'anic Verses (says):
"We [God] are closer to him [man] than his jugular vein."

"Say, surely we belong to God and to Him do we return."

"He is the First and the Last and the Manifest and the Hidden."

"God is the light of the heavens and the earth."


"waman tasauwufa walam taffaqqahu faqat tazan daqa waman tafaqqaha walam yatasauf faqad tafassaqa waman jamaah bainahuma faqad tuhaqqaqa

First century tabiyye imam, Imam Malik said "one who learn Sufism but do not have faqa (shariat) he is zindiq (without religion). One who learn rules of fiqa but do not learn Sufism he is fasiq (sinner), and who learn both sufism and rules laws commandments, he is near of religion (muhaqqiq).”

Faqa teaches how to develop body power and Sufism teaches how to develop soul, spirit, heart power and Godly power. Rules teach regarding Islam and believe (iman) and sufism teach how to develop seeing, hearing, talking power which is called Ehsan.

Rasullallah (SAS) said, Mohsin is one who sees Allah, during prayers and "taabudullah kannaka tarahu”.

Outer shariat shows the rules of prayers and Sufism shows how to see the angels.

Order of Creation follows as hell, heaven, soul, spirit of Jin and angels and then human lastly.

You will see the tajalli of zat of Allah in the shape of Mohammed Rasul-e-khuda (PBUH). [man raahni faqad ra allah - one who saw me (prophet) he saw Haq talah}

Outer (zahir) teach what is universe and Sufism teach how to see the tajalli of zat of Allah or Rab in fire,  thunder on mountain or light of Rab on tree.

In tanziah, without shape and also see tajalli in shape of woman – alhadees. (Ra’aitu rabbi lailatul meraj ala surati shabab amra uu qatat fauza yadhu ala katfi faujadta bardana milaha fee sadri fa anamta biha ilme awwaleen o aaqareen) - in book Jawahar-e-Qamsa (written in eight century)

MohammedRasool (PBUH) said, I saw my Rab on the night of Meraj in shape of young human body, who kept his hand on my back then I feel coolness of fingers in my chest (sadar) and learnt from that light the knowledge of first and last. Sufi’s, develop power in the eyes, the ears and the heart (qalb), due to which sufi see his Allah.or Rab in form of seven lights (noor) or in fire (tajalli) or in shape of boy.

As per the believe taught by Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) and later by Murshid, with sufism knowledge and practice the seeing, hearing, talking power converted into the seeing, hearing and talking power of Allah. Then the man eyes, ears, tongue, hands, legs and heart change into Allah’s eyes, ears, tongue, hands, legs and heart. – hadis of bukhari.

Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) said that, Allah says, "when my servant perform nafil ibaadat (optional prayer), he gets very close to Me. So much close that I love him very much. When I love him, I become his hearing ear, seeing eye, holding hand, and walking foot. I give him whatever he wishes. When he invokes Me for help, I protect him.”

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said the meaning of sharah-e-sadar is that when light (noor) of Allah entered in the heart (qalb), then such muslim in this world will not waste time and prepare the good deeds for the life thereafter, before death. This is the difference of sufi and the munafiq muslim.

Aalim is like a donkey, he reads holy Quran but does not understand and do not know how to request Allah Prophet or Murshid.

Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) said, knowledge is like a testimonial to which only awlia-allah, wali and sufi knows. The knowledge is given directly by Allah or Rahman. Hazrat Ali (A.S) said, sufi’s are those to whom zat of Rahman teach the knowledge of Quran due to which they love zat of Allah, where as others leave the zat and accept the worldly things for element body and on there they hang up. Where as sufi’s left the worldly things and love the zat. And change themselves into Qalifa of Allah on the earth. And calls other to change their direction of heart towards Allah - Alhadis.

There are some people whose heads are dusty, clothes dirty with bad smell but they oath in the name of Allah. The God will complete their oath (qasam). Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) used to do dua from Allah to help him through the fuqarah mahajirin (beggers of Mekkah mahajirin).There were Bilal, Amen-ul-hubub, Shoeb, Zaid bin Haris, Akkasha, Hazrat Ali, Abu Harni, Abdullah bin Masood, Sulaiman Farsi, Abu Zar Ghaffari (RAA) were also previously with ahle suffah. Hadis.

Quran revealed with seven meaning for every sentence, there are outer (Zaahir) and inner (Baatin) meanings – hadis.

Besides outer and inner meaning there are more seven inner meaning, total 9 meaning.

Abdullah bin Abbas said, "If I explain Allah’s ayats two meanings, you will think I am disbeliever (kafir) and will kill me with stones".People cannot understand and will not believe the inner meaning.

Rasool-e-khuda said, you must not teach inner meaning to common people. Meaning must be explained as per the wisdom of people otherwise they will misuse.

Inner meaning completely was explained to hazrat Ali and Abu Bakr. Their higher position is due to inner meaning in their heart (soul) and not due to just Namaz Roza (fasting).

Abu Hurairah said, I learnt two type of knowledge from Quran by the Prophet (PBUH) and I explain the outer meaning, but do not explain the inner meaning. If I might explain they will cut my arteries (shah-rag).

Whatever knowledge of hadis explained in Buqari and Muslim by Abu Hurairah, it was 50% from Buqari. Because of damage, Hadis only remain 5% of Hadis and knowledge in the book 95% knowledge not in the tafseer; but in sufism it is 100% of knowledge written in the book of sufism. Example Fususul-hukm, fatuhatul makki, shamsul-maarif, insane-kaamil, jawareh-khamsa, tazkeerate-ghousia, taalimate-ghousia. Fatiye makka, mugegled alif sani, sufia-e-suri, khartabi, anwar-mirza, jaane-jaana abul-qasim mahmood maksari, tafseer-quadri, ibne-kasir, kitabul israar by ghousa azam, ahmed buni, Mubarak abdul aziz maqrumi, hakim tirmizi, abdul adwala, abdul rome farsi, abul Hassan sazli, nasir uddin tazi, abul marshan falki, imam mohammed barin,, imam ghazali, jalal uddin, abul fatah taqui, mohammed rafi zahid, kashif burni, ghulam sarwar shabab, sheik rome poni, sagarne ibn e ouldan, shahab uddin saharwardi, ghouse gawaliari, abul Hassan qalandari. There are unlimited books from sufi’s in which Quran sentences and missing Hadis is available. All these sufi’s had soul power, spiritual power as Allah turned their outer element bodies eyes ears tongue and legs to inner sifat seeing hearing talking power.

Remaining books were written other than sufi’s who did not have soul spirit and God power. Such books those written as per Quran and Hadis but did not mention how to develop the seven tajalli of noor and naar (light and fire). Reading these books, one will not develop, cannot imagine shape of Allah, cannot develop thinking shape of Allah, will not walk in the direction of Allah.

Sufi’s are noori, heavenly (zat) people and on right path of Quran, Hadis and as per Sunnat. And other 72 groups are fire people of hell. Sunnatul jamat, munafiq jamat, ahlehadis jamat, wahabi jamat, tabliqi jamat, hafizi jamat, ulmae jamat with outer knowledge and meaning are among 72 groups that will go in fire of hell as per Hadis. They do not have a little soul spiritual or God power and showing wrong path (disbelievers), through just repeating aayats of Quran or Hadis like mushrik & kafir and do not have soul and spiritual power which are similar to munafiq muslim groups.

The miracles (moujezath and karamat) are given to prophets (ambia), awlia jamat and they have been careful and they turn away from such donkey group jamats.

Hazbullah jamat people are one, who has moujezath and karamat, they are above others and books are base through only these people.

On meraj night, three type of Knowledge (ilm) was given to Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH), First ilm Uloohiat, not explained to anyone otherthan Hazrat Ali, Imamain and Ghouse Azam at last stage. Second ilm e Rububiat, in which Zat of Allah’s tajalli appears as sons of Adams, zat of Rab orders to give food, water and help to Allah through debt (qarza). Lastly human bigger tajalli, this knowledge is given only to Ahle-Suffah and from Sufis to Awlia’s and Sufism followers.

This looks practically against the Quran and Hadis teaching but in reality Sufi’s sunnat is similar to sunnat-ullah. Fitrat-ullah is sunnat of Rasool-e-khuda and Ahle-Suffah, this knowledge cannot be learned by books but only through Preacher, sheik-e-kamil (murshid). This knowledge was directly given to prophet by Allah.

Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) said, there is a time I will be with Allah and no human or angel around, as menitoned Taalimat-e-Ghousia. There is Hadis of Jawahar-e-Khamsa, Rasool-e-Khuda was sitting then Hazrat Ali asked the inner meaning from Prophet, then Rasool-e-Khuda (PBUH) said, I was commanded by Zat to only share the knowledge who wants to learn secrets of Zat. From Rasool-Allah (PBUH) to Ali and from Ali to onwards till eleventh Imam and khutubul aftab Ghouse Azam and to successors. There are people like a ship of Noha (AS) who entered Sufism and they will be successor and remaining go to hell.

Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) also taught the inner meaning to Abu Bakr, Omer, Osman, Abu Huairah, Salman Farsi, Abdullah bin Masood, (RAA) etc. Huzaifah (RAA) said if I explain real Hadis to you all, I know you (as’haba), will divide into three groups, one group order to kill (qatal), and second group will not help me and third group will say liar to me.

In last period of Omer while going to Madina city, He said to Salman Farsi, I am preparing muslims for Jihad and world life; you are teaching them to leave the world life.

Hazrat Ali said, if any sahabi or taa’bayi wanted, I might have explained the inner meaning which is in my chest. Hazrat Ali taught the inner meaning to Imam Hassan, Imam Hassan to Imam Hussain, Hasan Basri and Kamil bin Zayd, and not to common people who cannot understand.

Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) said "if permitted, I can speak the names of people going to hell and heaven that I see but Zat of Allah is not giving permission”.

Hazrat Imam Mohammed Goholi said if I explain second meaning of ilm-e-rububiat then all the commands of nabuwat will be considered vanished or useless. If I explain the secret nabuwat, the ilm-e-deen will be useless. That is, if the Aarifeen explain the knowledge of Maa’rifat, the Sha’riat commands will be abolished.

Rasool-e-khuda (PBUH) said, there are three type of people, first are like animals, eating, drinking and making sex in this world; second are like angels who read the names, tasbih, talbih, tahleel, tamheed, namaz, rooza, etc.; Third group consists of messengers, ambia, awlia, sufiakram who are in love (ishq) of zat and their mind follow as per self spirit of zat’s interest and they see the zat’s secret in the soul. They do not open their mouth to teach the secret of Allah unless zat permits like Qizar Alaisalam had done.